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Swipes and Likes Rule Everything Around Us. That’s Why We’re Ditching Them.

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From the moment our social lives shrunk down to live in our pockets roughly ten years ago, we’ve been hooked. Our most basic desires, our sense of community, connection, well-being, self-worth, and capacity for empathy are influenced by the continual stream of dopamine hits that we get from the rectangular glow of our phones. It […]

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Introducing: Astrological Matchmaking = Compatibility


Whether you think the zodiac is complete fiction, or you are the type of person anxiously waiting your Saturn Return with baited breath, it’s safe to say that astrology is alive and thriving in the age of meme culture. It’s easy to get bogged down in the debate about whether or not to take stock in […]

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Introducing: Wingman


We all have that one friend. The person who you can count on any night of the week to join you at your local watering hole and talk you up to prospective dates. The person who can sidle up to any old stranger and say, “Haaaave you met my friend X? She’s the most vivacious […]

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The Five Types of Fuckboys You’ll Meet, and How to Flee Them

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After a steady rise to prominence within the early 2000s hip hop canon, the word “fuckboy” was officially indoctrinated into the hearts and minds of American singles in 2004, when user “bretb” took one for the team and defined the term on Urban Dictionary. Do yourself a favor and briefly time travel back to the […]

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What Kind of Wingman Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

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Aries (March 21-April 19) You speak your mind boldly without much care about what others think, meaning you’re able to sidle up and strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. In fact, “rejection” isn’t even in your vocabulary. Because of this, you are a true god/goddess among wingmen for the more timid members of […]

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