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Sweet Pea Is Boba Tea

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When asked to compare ourselves to a beverage, the answer is immediate:  we’re boba tea! There are so many dating apps out there who are alcohol. They are one-stop shops, get-in and get-out. The swipes happen so quickly, it’s rare that anyone takes time to look at a person for more than their physical features. […]

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Asking Good Questions

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Listening. It’s something that sounds (no pun intended) so easy, but if you’re truly empathetically, curiously listening, it takes a lot of intentionality and focus. How many of you tend to think about your response to someone as they’re speaking rather than taking in their words? (Don’t worry, we’re guilty too.) Unfortunately, we live in […]

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Remembering Garfone

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We know it’s not healthy to live in the past, but we want to remember where remembering is due. For one or many reasons, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone decided to break the world’s heart and go their own ways in the Fall of 2015. Not only did they look flawless together, overwhelm the world […]

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Lessons Learned From Celebrity Romance

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Yes, two of them involve Taylor Swift. Sure, they’re celebrities, but there are some timely lessons we can learn from these relationships too. Most celebrity relationships are painfully short/weird/dramatic, and although most of what we can learn from is their mistakes, maaaybe we can harvest some helpful tips too. 1. Beyonce and Jay Z There […]

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3 Ways to Splurge on a Date Without Breaking Your Bank

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Throwing down a few Benjamins on a first date isn’t the only way to splurge. Indulge yourself in these 3 uniques ways of going the extra mile without needing a second job by the end of the date. When you think about indulging it’s almost always in the context of money. Sure, it can be […]

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Interesting profile, lots in common, great photos, and you fit the description of what they’re looking for – perfect!  You reach out and get…crickets, nothing, notta. What? Why??

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