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Summer Playlist

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Music has the unique ability to heighten every experience. Think of every wedding you’ve been to, every Pixar movie you’ve watched, every experience you’ve had with good friends, songs that make you want to roll down all the windows and blast the music louder, songs that make you feel so cool when you put it […]

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Baby, You’re A Firework

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The holidays are always a romantic time of the year. Depending on where you live, there’s snow. You can cozy up next to a fire with hot cocoa in hand. There’s a lot of pretty trees covered in lights. Santa’s right around the corner… maybe he’s got a ring, maybe he doesn’t. Yadda yadda yadda. […]

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The Bachelorette

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Is anyone else out there watching The Bachelorette? We know, we know, it’s a bit much sometimes, but we’re guilty. In fact, we live for Monday nights. If you’re not caught up on this season with Rachel Lindsay, you should stop reading. We’re about to give our predictions on the winner. To us, it feels […]

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Celebrity Crush: Donald Glover

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We’d like to dedicate a post to someone we’ve been low key crushing on this year. But now, we’re ready to come out in the open about it. If you’re not familiar with the work of Donald Glover, you need to rethink your priorities and choice of specimen in this life. Let us name off […]

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Timing Is Everything

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We recently had a discussion with a Sweet Pea user who asked us how soon is too soon to introduce her boyfriend to her parents. It’s a question a lot of us have been confronted with, and it led us down a path of many similar questions of too-soons and not-soon-enoughs. We’ve polled some of […]

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Making Beautiful Music Together

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You’re heard the saying, “Making beautiful music together.” We know this is an analogy, but we actually believe that music can teach us a lot about a successful relationship. Let’s first look at the notes themselves. Like any relationship, there has to be balance. There are times when notes should be in sync, creating a […]

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