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Sweet Pea Is Boba Tea

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When asked to compare ourselves to a beverage, the answer is immediate:  we’re boba tea! There are so many dating apps out there who are alcohol. They are one-stop shops, get-in and get-out. The swipes happen so quickly, it’s rare that anyone takes time to look at a person for more than their physical features. […]

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Part Two: Summer Dates In New York City


Oh, New York City. You’re so busy, walkable, and beautiful. You’re rich with culture and history. You feed us incredible pizzas and street-side hot dogs. You know how to rally and stay awake far longer than any place should. You’re a melting pot of diverse, intelligent, and creative humans. We love you for all of […]

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Help! Is This A Red Flag?

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There you are, reading along. Everything on their profile is sheer perfection. She’s an interior designer from Chicago. He’s got killer style, plays guitar, and has religious beliefs that seem to align with yours. Her smile looks contagious. He’s got a bio that literally makes you LOL. And she… has a cat named Fluffs? MISSION […]

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Asking Good Questions

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Listening. It’s something that sounds (no pun intended) so easy, but if you’re truly empathetically, curiously listening, it takes a lot of intentionality and focus. How many of you tend to think about your response to someone as they’re speaking rather than taking in their words? (Don’t worry, we’re guilty too.) Unfortunately, we live in […]

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Summer In Los Angeles; Date Ideas Part One

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This post will be more enjoyable if read to the tune of the La La Land soundtrack. Go ahead, take a minute and do it. There are few places more magical than Los Angeles in the summer. All the trees are in bloom, birds are literally chirping more than that animated bluebird in 500 Days […]

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