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Swipes and Likes Rule Everything Around Us. That’s Why We’re Ditching Them.

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From the moment our social lives shrunk down to live in our pockets roughly ten years ago, we’ve been hooked. Our most basic desires, our sense of community, connection, well-being, self-worth, and capacity for empathy are influenced by the continual stream of dopamine hits that we get from the rectangular glow of our phones. It […]

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The Four Horsemen

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In our last post, we talked about tips for having a healthy relationship. We also introduced you to Dr. John Gottman, who knows more about relationships and can predict their success rate at 94%. Today we’re going to talk about what does NOT work in a relationship. Through his findings, he’s identified what he refers […]

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Tips to a Healthy Relationship

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We’ve recently been introduced to Dr. John Gottman. If you’re not familiar with him or his work, he has spent the last four decades studying couples to better understand why certain relationships end in divorce or incurable unhappiness. He’s become so educated on this topic, that he has a 94% prediction rate of couples divorcing. […]

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Less Is More

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Remember the days before social media and dating apps? You’d have to ask your potential boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for your bae and then dive into a get-to-know-you conversation once they were on the line, hoping that no one else was secretly listening in. Those were the days! Today, things are so much more simple. […]

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