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Is anyone else out there watching The Bachelorette? We know, we know, it’s a bit much sometimes, but we’re guilty. In fact, we live for Monday nights.

If you’re not caught up on this season with Rachel Lindsay, you should stop reading. We’re about to give our predictions on the winner. To us, it feels pretty obvious at this point. We all know that Kenny, Dean, and Bryan will make it to the top four, but they will not win.

If the person we’re about to name does not win, there is no question he will be the next Bachelor… MR. PETER KRAUS.

We could say that we’ve coined him as the winner because he’s down-to-earth, kind-hearted and a on-his-way-there silver fox, but our reasoning goes beyond that. Our prediction ties back to something that we believe all healthy relationships are built around — compatibility.

From the get-go, Peter and Rachel have shared more common interests and traits than any other couple.

Both Rachel and Peter are intelligent. She is an attorney and he is a business owner. It’s no question that they can relate on their smarts and know how to work well with other people and clients. Granted, he’s a personal trainer and she’s a badass lawyer, but hey, skills are skills.

They’re both balanced. Peter and Rachel can have fun light-hearted conversation and go deep with each other. They were able to keep it real with Rachel’s dog, Copper at a doggy event in Palm Springs, but that night over dinner, they got real with each other, sharing their mutual feelings of hope for their future.

Peter and Rachel have already talked through their past relationships and their stories are very similar. During their time of opening up to one another, we discovered that they both went to therapy to heal from their past relationships. This shows that both of them are willing to reach out to others when they need help and desire to increase their self-awareness.

Neither one of them tolerates drama. We all felt angry for Rachel when we found out that DeMario had a girlfriend. She didn’t blow anything out of the water, but simply told him to leave and asked for anyone else to leave if they also had girlfriends. A fair response. Though Peter hasn’t had anything like this happen, we have seen lots of men knocking on the other contestants and creating issues where there don’t need to be issues. Peter never talks about other men when he’s interviewed. He stays above the drama and it’s clear that he’s there for one reason — Rachel.

At a surface level, they’re both two incredibly attractive human beings. And those gap-tooths in the front! Heart-melters.

There you have it. If we haven’t convinced you that Peter’s the winner, we’d like to hear your VERY solid argument. If you’re not caught up and you read through this entire post, it’s not too late to join the Bachelorette train. We can all root for P&R together!

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