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3 Ways to Splurge on a Date Without Breaking Your Bank

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Throwing down a few Benjamins on a first date isn’t the only way to splurge. Indulge yourself in these 3 uniques ways of going the extra mile without needing a second job by the end of the date.

When you think about indulging it’s almost always in the context of money. Sure, it can be time: indulging in a couple seasons of your favorite show over an embarrassingly short amount of time. But when it comes to going on a date, there are several ways to splurge on more than just money. It’s important to think about it this way, because it helps you value these other aspects of the dating process. It also helps you put boundaries on these aspects when you don’t feel like indulging. Let’s start with a fun one:

  1. The Adventure Splurge: No one is watching. You’re the only other person in your city right now. Be honest, where would go for a fun time? Maybe it’s somewhere you wouldn’t want your friends to see you. Why not go out on a limb, splurge a little and take a date there sometime? Doing something out of both of your comfort zones can be a bonding experience. You might learn something about them and yourself you wouldn’t have at a movie or a bar. Thrifting anyone? 
  2. The Emotional Splurge: This is the hard one. It’s pretty set in stone that you don’t get deep on the first date, but with the right person it can be an amazing experience. Why not ask them about religion? Or how they were raised? Offer some of your own experiences and how they affected you or made you the person you are today. The important thing is to communicate that you are taking them seriously and not asking flippantly or just trying to make waves. Everyone has views and opinions about life that are important to them, and the right question can start a meaningful conversation. Make that first move by sharing your own story or perspective and indulge a little. 
  3. The Personal Splurge: None of your friends know this, but you are a great basketball player. You played in highschool but don’t shoot hoops much anymore. You keep it under wraps most of the time, but you’re a huge fan of musicals. Why not splurge a little and introduce your date to that side of you? You don’t normally dress up, but you love a good suit, so throw it on! Take your date to a play, to the gym, to a black tie event and strut your secret passion. You might not get a lot of opportunities to do this, so trying something personal and fun on a date is a great way to break the ice and show them a different side of you.

Think about all the different resources you have other than money, and don’t be afraid to splurge sometimes. And if it goes well, ask your date to take that same plunge, a little risk as well!

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