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Holiday Dating Stories

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Holidays are filled with opportunities to meet someone new. However, if you’ve gotten to the point in a relationship where you’ve been invited to their holiday gathering for the first time, it can be nerve wracking.

Sure, you can ask what someone else’s holiday traditions are but the irony about traditions is that they seem normal to the people who have them. So when your new love says, “My family’s traditions are pretty much like everyone else’s,” we suggest being prepared.

Here are a few amusing holiday stories, submitted to us by friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike, about the things lovers forgot to mention about their holiday gathering:


  1. “My parents invited my new boyfriend and his father to Thanksgiving dinner. I made sure we cooked up all of their traditional dishes as well as our favorites. The table was loaded with food. However, when it came to the main dish, I forgot to mention that my mother hates turkey so they were sadly surprised when she plunked a chicken on the table.”


  1. “Most families watch Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life. His family gathers around each Christmas to watch… The Exorcist.


  1. “New Year’s party invitation! Sweet! Sexy black dress, heels, and champagne, right? Nope, they bundled up in hunting gear and barbequed on the back porch while I shivered and drank beer out of a red solo cup.”


  1. “I was thrilled he asked me to his company Christmas party. His well-meaning co-workers approached me with random questions like, “Run any marathons lately?” I don’t run. “Think this is the year to invest in inflation-indexed treasuries?” Sure, if you want. I teach kindergarten. Turns out he didn’t bother to mention he had a new girlfriend. I looked so much like his ex that everyone thought I was her.”


  1. “Her father thinks it’s hysterical to give people odd gifts, like a box of staples or coffee filters. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe it.”


  1. “I used to play board games with my family after Thanksgiving dinner and she said hers does the same. What she didn’t mention is that they play The Game of LIFE backwards. You start with the house, a career, family, and loads of cash. The first person to lose it all wins. They call it The Game of Death.”


  1. “Their family opens presents with a sword.”


  1. “Visiting her mother’s house for the first time, I was surprised to see a framed photo of my girlfriend’s ex on the fireplace mantle. I could have chalked it up to being forgotten in the rush of the holidays but they broke up a year ago and it was actually decorated with tinsel and tiny ornaments.”


  1. “After I flew in for the weekend, she tells me her family stays in their pajamas all day on Christmas (let’s just say I don’t wear much to bed).”


Whatever holiday-firsts new love brings your way, we hope they’re merry and bright.

Happy Holidays!
Team Sweet Pea

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