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5 LA Date Spots to Take Your Favorite Film Buff

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Dates are a lot less awkward when you have a cultural touchstone to casually unpack over appetizers. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or are still getting to know each other, picking a locale drenched in Hollywood history is a surefire path to interesting conversation. To help your selection along, we’ve rounded up five of our LA favorites that seriously deliver on ambiance.

The Prince

Located in the heart of Koreatown, The Prince (pictured above) feels entirely frozen in time. Because its leather booths and retro decor exude equal parts “Old Hollywood” and “New York Steakhouse,” this restaurant has provided a rich backdrop for TV shows like New Girl, and Twin Peaks, as well as classics like Chinatown. In fact, Chinatown star Faye Dunaway and the film’s director Roman Polanski broke out into one of their famous fights in the second booth on the right.

Good Luck Bar

Modeled in the image of Chinatown’s Yee Mee Loo, Good Luck Bar was most recently featured in Hail Caesar,  the Coen Brother’s spin on the Hollywood studio system of the 1950s. It’s the perfect East Side haunt to hit up when you’re in the mood for an alcoholic beverage that comes with an umbrella, with plenty of other bars to cawl to along the nearby Vermont Street.

Foo Chow Restaurant

If you love a good plate of beef and broccoli with a side of Rush Hour, look no further than Chinatown’s Foo Chow Restaurant. Despite the fact that Rush Hour came out in 1998, Foo Chow’s owners are still very, very prideful about their cinematic debut nearly 20 years later, as evidenced by the Rush Hour mural painted on the side of the restaurant.

Dinah’s Family Restaurant

If your date happens to be a fan of The Dude, consider hitting up Dinah’s Family Restaurant in the vastly underrated Culver City for some fried chicken. This quirky, albeit slightly rundown diner should jog a cinematic trip down memory lane to the lingonberry pancakes scene from The Big Lebowski. Sadly, the establishment does not actually serve lingonberry pancakes.

Musso and Frank

A true legend within the ranks of Hollywood haunts, Musso and Frank has played host for television crews many times throughout the years. Most notably in our book, it served as the backdrop in season one of Mad Men when Don Draper takes Roger Sterling out for a very boozy oyster lunch in the middle of the work day.

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