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Introducing: Astrological Matchmaking = Compatibility

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Whether you think the zodiac is complete fiction, or you are the type of person anxiously waiting your Saturn Return with baited breath, it’s safe to say that astrology is alive and thriving in the age of meme culture. It’s easy to get bogged down in the debate about whether or not to take stock in your sign when choosing a mate. We welcome all perspectives on this at Sweet Pea.

To that end, as we settle into Aries season with our dating game faces on, we’re pleased to introduce our brand new Astrology feature. With Sweet Pea Astrology, you can now get a bit more selective about which signs you match with — if that’s your bag. To select specific signs, just head to “Settings” and scroll down to “Astrology Signs.” When you tap “Match via Astrology, you’ll be able to pick and choose which signs you want to meet.

Here are a few powerhouse matches to keep in mind in your quest for that special someone: 


Taurus and Cancer will be a total mutual admiration society, with nurturing Cancer offering emotional support, while Taurus showers their partner with gifts.

Gemini and Aquarius is destined to be a meeting of the minds, both in constant motion and full of stimulating ideas.

Aries and Aquarius is the perfect ying and yang between action and vision, brought together by their “experience junkie” nature.

Cancer and Pisces often proves to be a powerful spiritual match, bonding over the desire to create a shared space that is equal parts cozy (Cancer) and inspiring (Pisces).

Leo and Sagittarius is a very “game recognize game” dynamic.” This truly spicy combo, infused with excitement, mutual respect, and buoyant energy.

Virgo and Taurus will be a match filled with the type of no-nonsense logic and practicality that would drive other signs up the wall. Go forth and study for the LSAT together, lovebirds.

Libra and Gemini makes a great match, with Libra leading the way on dates and Gemini chatting happily as they oblige any adventure that comes along.

Scorpio and Cancer will strike the perfect balance between power and security , respectively.

Sagittarius and Aries are poised to conquer the world together, no joke. Don’t mess with these people. Whoever first said “Keeping Up with the Joneses”….. yep, these were the Joneses.

Capricorn and Taurus will be a match rooted in fortitude and ambition. If these two can survive each other’s impossible standards, it’ll be offshore bank accounts and smooth sailing on a yacht made of 14k gold.

Aquarius and Gemini will be a a masterclass in collaboration, making them the type of co-parents that most couples only dream of. Both quick witted and energetic, these signs keep each other moving.

Pisces and Scorpio is likely to be a true match made in empathy. If free-wheeling Pisces can survive Scorpio’s rules and ruthless grudges, these two will be an ethereal force to be reckoned with.

Ready for the stars to align? Get Sweet Pea in the App Store to start matching. 

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