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The holidays are always a romantic time of the year. Depending on where you live, there’s snow. You can cozy up next to a fire with hot cocoa in hand. There’s a lot of pretty trees covered in lights. Santa’s right around the corner… maybe he’s got a ring, maybe he doesn’t. Yadda yadda yadda.

We’re here to talk about the Fourth of July — a holiday that is literally full of fireworks… both in the sky and romantically speaking.

Unlike the holiday season, the pressure to secure a steady relationship with a special someone isn’t quite as high. And when the pressure is off, people tend to act more like themselves. They’re carefree creatures of the summer, embarking on group activities that revolve around the sun and fun. We’re all about that.

There is no better type of party or occasion to take a date than the Fourth of July. The opportunities to connect in space are endless:

  1. Shop together beforehand to find some patriotic garb. Parties are always more fun when you can dress up for the occasion.
  2. By hanging out with a group, you can keep the date laid back. You’ll have a go-to person to talk to, but can mix and mingle as well. Extra points if your friends like him/her.
  3. Show off your grilling skills! Nothing says Fourth of July like a delicious chargrilled burger or hotdog.
  4. Flirt it up on a pool floatie. Get your tan on together by conversing on the water.
  5. Snuggle up to a classic patriotic movie like Independence Day, The Patriot, or Air Force One.
  6. Talk about why you love America or you’re proud to be an American.
  7. Let the sparks fly between you as you watch fireworks light up the night sky.

This red (HOT), white, and blue holiday is ready for magic! Are you? Try Sweet Pea today

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