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If you didn’t catch our last post, we’ve started a new series about Mood Dates. We give you a mood and then share our favorite dates that will help you feel all the feels around that mood.

We started with relaxed, and now we want to take things in a different direction and offer up some fancy date suggestions. Sweats and takeout are great, but it’s necessary to dress it up sometimes. So, find your arm candy, throw on a tie or heels, and let’s go OUT.


Get oysters. Few things will make you feel more sophisticated than shooting an oyster. They’re not for everyone, but if they’re for you, this is a true delicacy.

Go wine tasting together. Ideally, you can find a winery near you. Do a tasting tour together and grab a bottle of your favorite wine to take home. If you’re not near a winery, check out a nice wine bar together! They likely have a flight that you can sample.

Go to the Symphony. It’s a full body experience to listen to beautiful music. It’s amazing how much emotion different songs without words can convey. This would be a really special date!   

Get dressed up and go to a musical. This one is for all of you New Yorkers and Angelinos! It’s not a cheap date, but it’s often a date that you don’t forget if you see a really magical performance.

Experience a tasting menu together. There are restaurants and pop-ups all over the city that offer tasting menus. What’s great about these is that it allows you to try many different dishes. They’re a few bites each, and the flow of the menu is typically designed to take your palette on a culinary journey.

Drinks on a cool rooftop bar. “Rooftop bar” just sounds rad. It’s because they are. In cities like NY, LA, and Seattle, they’re especially cool because you can see beautiful skyscrapers from a new view. One of our favorite games is to have the bartender surprise us with a drink based upon a description of what we like. We dare you to play it!

Check out a jazz bar together. If La La Land only taught us one thing it’s that jazz is really damn romantic. (And that Ryan Gosling still remains the most attractive human on this earth.)

Go to the ballet. We know that you’ve probably only seen The Nutcracker around the holidays, but there are so many more ballet performances out there waiting for your eyes! Ballet is a magnificent performance of strength and poise.   

Fancy your toes with pedicures. The weight of the world seems a little lighter when you have clean toes and a fresh coat of clear or colorful paint on them.





What types of dates make you feel fancy? Send your ideas over to @SweetPeaApp. Download it for yourself here

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