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We want to end our mood series on a FUN note! We’ve done relaxing and fancy dates, and now it’s time to do something in-between. We’re going out, but you don’t need to dress to the nines this time.

This is for the free spirit, creative, athletic, energetic type of dater. Whereas the first two posts in this series might cater more to a couple, the following ideas are perfect for someone going out on their first or second date. They provide many opportunities to get a glimpse into someone’s personality and make room for endless conversation.

Let’s go have some fun!

Take a pottery or painting class together. Isn’t art the greatest form of self-expression? What better way to get to know someone than to create together!

Go kayaking on a lake. This is a really fun activity for the summer and the great thing about it is that you can do it on any body of water. Make sure you lather up with sunscreen. You may mate for life like lobsters after this amazing date, but you don’t want to look like them.

Pick up the microphone and sing some karaoke. This date may ask you to be a little vulnerable, but what a truly fun date. You can duet. You can have a friendly sing-off. The options are endless here.

Get lost in a video arcade. Some of the best dates are ones that you could do as a five-year-old or a 55-year-old. Innocent competition is such a great way to get to know someone. For an added fun element, see how many tickets you can get collectively and pick out a prize together.

Go apple picking. If not apples, go pick something local to your area! It’s really cool and educational to see where something comes from and to taste food that’s come straight from the earth, untainted by anything. Take whatever fruit or veggie you picked home and create something delicious together!

Fly a kite. Kites take SKILLS, you guys. Especially the really big ones. But if you can master it, you can watch your love soar together.

Trivia night at a bar. Combine your knowledge and compete in a trivia night at a local bar. Lots of places have them. Hope online and see if you can find one nearby! And then make everyone there feel less-than when you WIN! JK, everyone’s a winner in our book.

Play shuffleboard or corn hole. This one might be a little trickier to find, but lots of casual outdoor restaurants usually have one or both of these activities. It’s a fun mix-up from board games because they’re more active.

Attend a stand up comedy show. There are few things more fun or funny than LOL-ing together. In NYC and LA especially, there are countless improv and comedy shows to attend, and usually for a steal of a deal.

Go antiquing or thrifting together. Have fun looking for buried treasures in old antique or thrift stores. You may score something really awesome, or you may just want to grab a little knick-knack to remember the date.  

Watch a movie at a drive-in. Take a trip back in time and see a movie up on the big screen from your car. This is fun because it’s different and it allows you the space to get cozy.

Go on a waterfall hike. This is a great summer option if you’re somewhere really hot. There’s nothing more rewarding than diving into cold water after a rigorous hike. So suit up, find a trail with a waterfall ending, and get outside!

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what CURRENT MOODS you are feeling and we’ll do our best to offer up suggestions! Get Sweet Pea app today.

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