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We’re big fans of “summer series” posts. Remember last month’s posts about date ideas in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle? If you were a fan of those, you’ll be a fan of these. We’d like to offer you… “mood dates”. The best part about almost all of them is that they aren’t dependant on where you live!

So what exactly is a mood date? You know when you’re sitting with a friend on the couch trying to decide what kind of takeout you’re going to have Postmated to your place? You ask, “What kind of mood are you in?” or “What are you in the mood for?” That’s exactly what mood dates are. You tell us how you feel, and we take care of the date ideas.

For this first one, we’re going to start with a mood that we all probably wish we could feel more often. Life is cray, y’all. To that, we give you our favorite relaxed dates.

Go to the spa. We’re talking robes on, cucumber water in hand, multiple pools at your disposal, using up all those amenities and soaking in potentially some treatments.

Do candlelight yoga. You can turn your living room into a zen paradise and do this there, or you can sign up for a class in your local area. Almost all yoga studios have some iteration of this.

Cook dinner together at home. Pick a recipe that you know you can nail together. Don’t pick something stressful — we don’t all need to be Emeril here. You could even try a food home delivery service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh to make the experience even more relaxing. #SkipTheGroceryStore

Walk around your city. There are so many beautiful, relaxing things about walks. They are free, they allow you to talk, and you gain a completely new perspective on your city/neighborhood. What a perfect way to unwind together.

Try a face mask. Not only are face masks good for your skin, but they’re truly relaxing.The second that thing is on your face, you’re going to want to do nothing but lay down in a cool space and chill out for about 20 minutes. If you’re really wanting to relax, you can get a few different kinds of masks to try throughout the night. Maybe even throw some cucumbers over your eyes.

Treat yourselves to massages. Who doesn’t love a good couples massage? Enough said.

Crash a hotel jacuzzi. This is a date for dare devils. Walk in with confidence, and make that jacuzzi yours. The worst thing that can happen is someone will tell you to leave.

Netflix and takeout. This is the ultimate relaxing date. Throw on some comfy clothing, put in an order for delivery, and choose a flick on Netflix. For some added fun, pair your food and movie selection. For example, order Indian food and watch Lion (coming to Netflix this month!) or order Pizza and watch Wayne’s World.

Build a fort and have a campout in the living room. Sure, this date would require a little bit of effort… the tent can’t build itself. However, once that bad boy is up, you can hang out all night. Take a deck of card and some snacks in and have a ball.

Play board games together. We’re biased towards Settlers of Catan, but any game will do. Open up a bottle of wine together and let the games begin! Literally.

Let us know how you relax by tweeting at @SweetPeaApp. Who knows, maybe we’ll tweet back and ask you to come relax with us. Find the perfect person to adventure with, download Sweet Pea here.


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