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Guys: The Five Rules For Nailing The Perfect Dating App Profile

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It’s not easy to capture who you are in a couple of sentences and photos. We get it.

To help make it a little easier here is Sweet Pea’s guide to perfecting your profile. Follow these guidelines it will help you make your profile the best it can be!

Rule One) Avoid mirror selfies.

This rule should always be obeyed! After all, it’s hard to make the right first impression. Our rule of thumb for this to choose 3-5 quality photos that tell a story about you. You want to make sure you come off as approachable, and an easy way to do that is to find a photo of you smiling or laughing, or -the crowd favorite- a photo with a cute dog. One image that shows you head-to-toe should be included in your profile. Thecan
be things you do in your spare time or something that is important to you.


Rule Two) Don’t write checklists

Tell the other person about you, what makes you different, and make it less about what you don’t want. People never want to hear what someone doesn’t want right away – it creates a negative dynamic , hearing what they are interested in or something fun they like will start to build attraction.

Rule Three) Photos with a Cute Child

We don’t advise always including this. Nor so we advise using a child to help you date.
Sure, it scores you brownie points by upping the “cute factor”. We can’t dispute that. But, kids are pretty cute. Just make sure you’re clear about who’s child you’ve ‘napped for the photo. If the kids are yours, or your cute nephew, make sure you let people know!


Rule Four) Be clever with your ‘Icebreaker’

For creating the perfect Sweet Pea profile, Ice Breakers are key! You want the icebreaker to be strong and something that ignites an interesting conversation. Our best tip, choose something that will help the other person shine in their best light – something that lets them be funny, or say something interesting about them, and isn’t a simple answer.

Here are some great examples:

I just got a puppy, what are some of your tips for taking care of him/her?

We are going to the movie, what do you get as candy/snack?

What’s your favourite funny movie quote?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you choose?


Rule Five) Take time to set up your profile

Sure, you might just want to see what’s out there before you invest your time. But by spending time to properly think about what you want, and what you’re looking for, you’ll attract higher quality people who also care about who they’re looking for, and won’t settle for just anyone. Quality people is what we’re about and you should be the same.

Filling out your profile questions not only help someone else get you to know you better, but you can also filter out the wrong people.

You can search for individuals based off of astrology, height, and even what sort of relationship they are looking for from the app.


Download Sweet Pea here to bring your best energy to dating.

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