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Help! Is This A Dating Red Flag?

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There you are, reading along. Everything on their profile is sheer perfection. She’s an interior designer from Chicago. He’s got killer style, plays guitar, and has religious beliefs that seem to align with yours. Her smile looks contagious. He’s got a bio that literally makes you LOL. And she… has a cat named Fluffs?

MISSION ABORT. Mission abort?

Not only are you allergic to cats, but you were once mauled by one at the age of seven. Double negative points. More worrisome is the cat’s name. Here was an opportunity for this girl to get creative — to really give it a cool name to live up to. You’re thinking “Roosevelt” or “Sacagawea” could have been nice, but nope. She went for Fluffs. Maybe it was her Grandmother’s cat that was willed to her?

The panic is probably setting in by this point. You’re wondering if you should exit her profile or take a chance and send her message. Literally everything aside from this makes her your dream girl. What to do? We’ll tell you what to do…

You chill out and get in her inbox. This is NOT a red flag, at least not yet. Red flags are things like, “She has an addiction to stealing things” or “He doesn’t respect any of the women in his family.” It’s addictions, abuse, serious character issues. A cat with a bad name is not the equivalent of those things.

It’s so easy to sit behind a screen and swipe right or left. We can hone in on tiny peccadillos and rule someone out in a second. Think about your dearest friends. If you were looking at their profiles, would you love every single thing about them? Would all of your views on every single thing align? The answer is most likely no.

Keep an open mind as you peruse profiles. Maybe you’re a dog guy/girl and the person you’re crushing on has a cat you’re not too keen on. Now, 50 cats might be a deal breaker, but if it’s just one, pop some Benadryl and go for it. That “thing” you questioned might be the thing you come to love more than anything over time.  Find the perfect person for you, download Sweet Pea.

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