Introducing: Wingman – Sweet Pea

Introducing: Wingman

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We all have that one friend. The person who you can count on any night of the week to join you at your local watering hole and talk you up to prospective dates. The person who can sidle up to any old stranger and say, “Haaaave you met my friend X? She’s the most vivacious Scrabble champion I know.” Or, “Hey, nice Stranger Things shirt. My friend and I were just over here debating who is the bigger unsung hero: Barb or Bob the Brain. Care to weigh in?”

We love these people. They are true gems who should never change. But what if your less-gregarious friends had a platform to boost you up too, in a way that didn’t make their social anxiety spike with a vengeance?
Enter WINGMAN, a new feature from Sweet Pea that lets your friends tell the rest of the world how great you are.


1 Invite friends to be your Wingman or Wingwoman (They know you’ll have their back in return 🙂 )

2 Your friends get to vote on what makes you awesome.

3 Your top 3 most-voted compliments will appear on your profile for
each of your potential dates to scope!

Our point is this: nothing sucks more than when your friends date people who are boring or sub-par. Think of Wingman as Shine Theory in action — like a bite-sized letter of rec — a piece of karmic gold to put out into the world, so that in return, your friend group will soon be full of romantic counterparts who bring major dynamo to the table.

To test drive Wingman for yourself, get Sweet Pea on the app store.

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