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Remember the days before social media and dating apps? You’d have to ask your potential boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for your bae and then dive into a get-to-know-you conversation once they were on the line, hoping that no one else was secretly listening in. Those were the days!

Today, things are so much more simple. Nearly everyone above the age of 11 has a cell phone that you can directly text, year’s worth of daily photos posted to Instagram and a pimped out dating profile on whatever site they’re using… hopefully the world’s greatest app, yours truly.

However, just because it’s easier to investigate someone you’re interested in, doesn’t mean you should share everything about yourself with the world. We all know that person we’ve been friends with for years on Facebook who overshares everything in their life — their illnesses, the perfect things their special someone did for them that day, frustrating or exciting details about their work life, birthday posts for every person they know on the planet, etc. No one’s a big fan of an oversharer.

While we provide lots of questions for you to fill out for your profile, we make it our goal to hit the mere tip of the iceberg. You can read someone’s short one word answers to something, but it takes reaching out to find out the “whys” to their answers. There’s something so intriguing about “less” — a pull that makes you feel a need to know the answers.

Our profiles have been carefully designed to encourage the “less” approach because in the long run, it could mean more. Many sites and social platforms allow you to overshare upfront in your profile, running the risk of turning someone off before you’ve even met. But hook questions! If you can hook someone in just enough to know you’re compatible, it gives you the opportunity to show them your true self in your face-to-face interaction.

Less is more friends. Less is more. Join Sweet Pea for real connections.

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