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Lessons Learned From Celebrity Romance

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Yes, two of them involve Taylor Swift. Sure, they’re celebrities, but there are some timely lessons we can learn from these relationships too. Most celebrity relationships are painfully short/weird/dramatic, and although most of what we can learn from is their mistakes, maaaybe we can harvest some helpful tips too.

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

There is only one word that has defined the last year of our live: lemonade. Who cares how accurately that album depicts Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship, we’re going to move forward here like it’s the freaking Bible. Jay cheats on Bey (apparently with Rachel Roy… or was it Ray?), Bey loses it (along with Solange), Bey is going to leave, but then remembers they were meant for each other, that they’re soulmates, and something about “sandcastles”. I don’t need to spell out the obvious takeaway: heartache can be lucrative. If only us peasants could cash in on an affair like this! For those who can’t, here’s a free lesson: allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of heartbreak. Even if it’s not cheating, we’ve all been wounded by significant others, and it’s crucial to allow yourself to go through the highs and lows of recovery. You can’t expect yourself to be fine or to get over it right away. Eventually it’s in your best interest to allow yourself forgiveness towards the other person even if you don’t end up together. Living with that kind of anger only hurts you. If you need any encouragement, you know what album to put on.

2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

We thought Taylor had finally traversed the dating-time continuum and landed permanently in Harrisville. However, unless you’ve been disconnected from wifi, consciously avoiding social media, or actually asleep for the last year we all know that did not come to pass. The good news is you can learn from their heartache. The major take away here is this: don’t look to social media for sympathy or a chance to clear your name after a breakup. That infamous Twitter rant from Harris? Months after they had broken up, Harris called her out on Twitter about a previous musical collab, her new relationship, and even brought up her old feud with Katy Perry. Regardless of who was in the right or not, this is never a good move. When you’re feeling angry or hurt about an ex, stay off social media.

3. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

With that fresh in your mind, let’s turn our attention to the immediate aftermath of the Harris/Swift breakup: “Hiddleswift”. Hiddleswift got a lot of heat for their super quick, super public, super annoyingly adorable fling. Many people thought it was a publicity stunt. This has been denied by Hiddleston, who expressed our take-away sentiment about this relationship: sometimes a fun fling can be just that and nothing more. They traveled to Rome, England, Australia and all over the U.S.… that is a fling done right. If you find yourself in a whirlwind, adventurous, wild kind of romance, just go with it! Don’t get bogged down by what people think, or even the timing, you never know what kind of good can come from a weird fling.

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Where to even begin? The adorableness doesn’t end with these two. Although they are both too hilarious and classy (that rare and wondrous combination) to be truly relatable, we can still all hope and pray that one day we can emulate their glory. There are a lot of good lessons we can learn from their relationship. They’ve made a point never to lie to each other (obvious, but probably a lot harder to stick to), they say it was love at first sight, and have you seen their classy-beyond-belief home wedding? #Goals. However, there is one thing that stands out to me about their relationship that breaks a certain social norm: Ellen is 15 years older than Portia. 15. That’s an age gap and a half, but that can never stop true love. I mean that only half sarcastically, because it’s kind of true.
Tune in next time for relationship tips from your favorite pet celebrities. Just kidding. Except that would have been more interesting. Oh well.

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