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Making Beautiful Music Together

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You’re heard the saying, “Making beautiful music together.” We know this is an analogy, but we actually believe that music can teach us a lot about a successful relationship.

Let’s first look at the notes themselves. Like any relationship, there has to be balance. There are times when notes should be in sync, creating a strong melody, but there are other times when some of the notes will go high, and it sounds far more beautiful for other notes to go low.

Once you’ve got your notes, you layer in the words. Words can be minimal like a smooth jazz piece, or words can fly at you like an epic rap. (We see you, Hamilton fans.) They can be heavy or light. They can make you laugh or make you somber. Each verse has the power to take you to a new place. All of these things are what make friendships and partnerships beautiful too.

Enter production. A truly good musician works with a team to produce his or her songs into masterpieces. There is attention in care that goes into each second of their work. It takes time. It takes writing and rewriting. A million songs may be written, but there’s usually one that rises above the rest.

This is how relationships work. You date, you find things you like in someone, you recognize things you like in yourself, identify things you want to work on, and date some more. Only when the time is right, do you find that special “song” that you never want to stop singing. It gets stuck in your head, and brings you joy each time you hear it play.

Let’s turn up the music this summer, shall we? Find your person for the perfect duet here.

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