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One Fish, Two Fish

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We’re all familiar with the classic Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. He playfully describes differing fish and all their quirks. It talks about some who like to run, some who like the sun, some who like it slow, some who like it fast. Some are sad, some are glad, some are very bad. It nods to the skinny and fat, and those who like to wear hats.

We’ve yet to confirm with the doctor himself, but feel confident that this book is about dating.

There is a giant sea out there with a ton of “fish” out there. This isn’t a new analogy, but it’s an easy one to understand and a great one to be reminded of. Many of you reading this have been out in the sea for a long time. Maybe you’re excited by all of the colors and love exploring deep waters. You tend to go for partners who push you, who take you on daring outings and show you a new world perspective. Maybe you like to stay near your favorite coral reef. You know exactly what you like and want to play it safe. Maybe you got carried away in a school for a bit. You had some seasonal friendships and relationships, but now you’re swimming out there on your own. You might even be a lobster. Life has already brought you your mate and you’re just checking out this blog to be reminded of the exciting times you once had out there in the open water. (Or let’s be real, to try to convince your sister/brother/bff/coworker to finally create a profile.)

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we are excited to swim beside you. If Sweet Pea has a role in the sea, we hope to be a current. Give it a try by downloading it here. We’re here to guide you to the places where you’ll find those who truly “get” you — the people you’re compatible with. If you’ve got awesome fins and rainbow scales, we’re going to do our best to make sure you’re swimming upstream with fish who recognize those awesome things about you. 

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