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Part Two: Summer Dates In New York City

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Oh, New York City. You’re so busy, walkable, and beautiful. You’re rich with culture and history. You feed us incredible pizzas and street-side hot dogs. You know how to rally and stay awake far longer than any place should. You’re a melting pot of diverse, intelligent, and creative humans. We love you for all of these things.

To continue our Summer Dates series, we’re going to explore (someone cue it up… “Start spreading the news!”) New York City!

Compared to any other city in the country, New York City might take the cake for having the largest selection of places to go on a date. There are so many choices, which is incredible because the city itself isn’t all that large. Let’s go!

  1. Make your hearts skip a beat and go for a bike ride around Central Park. We recommend picking up a few fresh cheeses, nuts, and charcuterie from Eataly and having a picnic somewhere on your journey.
  2. Keep it casual and meet up for beer and pretzels at The Standard Biergarten in Chelsea. That spicy mustard tho. 
  3. Explore Chelsea Market! Even if you’re window shopping, it’s a world of fun in there. There’s a store for everyone, yummy eats,  and fantastic treasures.
  4. On a really hot day, splurge and go see a Broadway Show in the cool indoors! This might be a bit much for a first date, but who knows, maybe you’re the kind of gal or guy who likes to start off running.
  5. Walk the High Line together. You’re sure to get lots of good ‘grams up there! 
  6. Let the sparks fly over a dimly lit table at the bar in The Ace Hotel. If you want to make a memory of the night and an iPhone picture feels too cliche, step into their old school photo booth. 
  7. Indulge your sweet tooth by heading to Milk Bar and grabbing one of every type of cookie they serve! Have a cookie sampling. Of course, purchase some cereal milk to go with it. 
  8. Look at pretty flowers together at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Gentlemen, points to you if you take your date here. 
  9. Get your classic NYC on and eat pizza together. We recommend popping over to Best Pizza or Motorino in Williamsburg. If you’re ambitious, grab a slice from both! 
  10. Spend the day nurturing your creative side at the MET. There are so many incredible pieces of art here, and you can choose to discuss them, or quietly observe together. 
  11.  If you are really digging each other, like you’ve already gone on a generous handful of dates and everything is on the up-and-up, consider taking a day trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns about an hour-and-a-half outside of the city. This food and the surrounding scenery is what dreams are made of. 
  12.  Take a trip to Governors Island! The summertime is the best time to visit, as there’s an annual Jazz Age Lawn Party that takes place every year. 
  13. On a hot day, head over to the Hudson and go kayaking for free! This is another one of our favorite NYC summer activities. Those who paddle together stay together. 
  14. Visit the Museum of Sex! Bow chicka bow wow. 
  15. Stare at the cute sea lions at the Central Park Zoo. Rumor has it, visitors are welcome to watch their feedings at 11:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm.

Enjoy the Big Apple this summer! We believe in your dates. Download the app here and meet people in your city.

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