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Remembering Garfone

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We know it’s not healthy to live in the past, but we want to remember where remembering is due.

For one or many reasons, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone decided to break the world’s heart and go their own ways in the Fall of 2015. Not only did they look flawless together, overwhelm the world with their collective talent (who cares if Spiderman wasn’t Oscar-worthy?), but they used any paparazzi mobbing-moments as opportunities to speak for different causes.

We loved them because they felt real. They felt like people you’d find on a dating app — individuals who know what hobbies they’re into, who know if they prefer a latte over a hot chocolate, and if they’d identify as an introvert or extrovert. They weren’t over saturating their social media profiles with pictures of the other, trying to prove to the world that they were just as perfect as we all presumed they were. In fact, they didn’t even post to social media. They lived their lives off the grid, and as much as we wanted to know what they were doing every second of every day, we respected them for living outside of the limelight.

You may recall that at the Oscars this last February, both Stone and Garfield had nominations for Best Actress and Best Actor. Did you guys also feel the extra high tension as the envelopes were being opened up? We can safely assume the answer to that is yes. The camera only showed him for a moment, but when Emma won, Andrew immediately rose up out of his seat. He nodded his head up and down, and enthusiastically applauded his former bae. His smile nearly stole the attention from her win. And of course, she looked stunning.

As they’ve walked the same red carpets since their split, they’ve handled themselves with composure and respect, but they truly taught us a lesson the night of the Oscars.

Even if things don’t work out romantically with someone else, you can still cheer them on. You can be proud of their accomplishments and the person they’ve become whether you’re a part of the current successes or not. You got to be a piece, however small or large, of their story. That’s something worth standing up and clapping for.

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