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Six Reasons to Find Love on Sweet Pea

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What makes Sweet Pea different from all the other dating apps out there?

We get it. Nobody wants yet another dating app on their phone if it’s going to be the same as all the others. Though we’re still new on the scene, we hope Sweet Pea will eventually earn the privilege of replacing all the other dating apps on your phone. Here’s how we’re different.

1 – Quality Conversations Over Quantity of Swipes

Swipe based dating apps are designed for the attention economy. The more time you spend swiping, the more matches you’ll get they tell you.

This isn’t true. Men start swiping right on everyone, women start swiping left, people get too lazy to message their matches, and the hopelessness of swiping compounds the more time you spend doing it. We think there’s a healthier social dynamic that can be built on dating apps, and it starts by refocusing the experience on conversations, not swipes.

2 – Your Time is Important.

We curate 15 matches a day for everyone. Why? Because we think a good dating app should be a companion to your life, not a primary focus of attention As such, we’ve designed out algorithm to get smarter every time you use the app, with the goal that all 15 of those matches will eventually be people you’d be interested in having a conversation with.

Log in, initiate a few conversations, and then go about your day, hopefully talking with other people IRL and not staring at a phone screen swiping.

3 – Stories, Not Selfies.

The app layout is designed to highlight rich profiles that encourage self-expression, chemistry, and conversation, not just selfies.

4 – Unparalleled Safety.

We give people control over their experience with safety settings so that everyone using Sweet Pea can feel comfortable and at ease.

We’ve taken some of the things you might like about other apps – The message first option on Bumble, matching with friends of friends on Hinge, and Q&A filters on OkCupid – and put them all in Sweet Pea along with some unique options like “Hush” to make your experience more enjoyable.

5 – A focus on Friendship and the Process of Getting to Know Others.

40% of relationships start out as friendship. With this in mind, we wanted to design an app that felt more like a social experience with context, nuance, and a friendly feeling to it.

Not every person you talk to or go on a date with is going to become your soulmate – and that’s okay! With Sweet Pea, our goal is to create a social setting where you’re enjoying the experience and process of meeting new people on your way to finding who and what you want.

Creating a social experience where people discover each other through interests and conversation topics is a natural way to start creating the digital social context that’s lacking on other dating apps.

6 – Sweet Pea is Free and Your Data Is Safe.

Dating apps are expensive and gasified to the point that they often feel more like mobile casinos than social settings. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Sweet Pea will always be free for everyone with an affordable premium tier that offers even more control and features. Your profile and data will never, ever be sold to third parties.

There hasn’t been nearly enough innovation when it comes to dating apps. Sweet Pea is here to change that, and we hope you’ll give us a shot.

You can download Sweet Pea for free on the App Store.

Feedback? Suggestions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you —>

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