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Staying Sane While Looking for Love

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At some point or another, we’ve all been down the sad thought train of tallying up the eligible singles you know. Then there’s those well-meaning people who get all “math” on us and write about the actual odds of finding a life partner (forget soul mate). However, before you sign up for a convent, let’s all remember that people are more than just numbers, and magic is real. But let’s start with the sad stuff:

You need to read this article to fully understand the situation. However, I’ll summarize it. Our anonymous writer dives into the 2011 U.S. Census which reveals who in the country is still single, and their age, race, general description, education, etc. He starts with a pool of 6,660,000 Caucasian, single or divorced women between the ages of 25 and 39. He then accounted for his preference in age, education, their general appearance (weight and height found on driver’s licenses), then the likelihood they are in a relationship (vs being married), the likelihood they would even be attracted to him, whether or not they live near him, etc… By the time all these variables are accounted for, he is left with 11 eligible women in his area. His story is all of ours.

You feel terrible yet? Ok, so now it’s time to lift you back up again. Here are 2 practical things you can do to expand your romantic horizons and change the odds of finding love.

  1. Don’t give yourself a “type” Our anonymous writer made a fatal mistake by limiting his scope of potential partners. Don’t make that same mistake by telling yourself and your friends that you only date tall guys, or red heads, or athletic chicks. By locking yourself into a perceived “type” you’re missing out on so many amazing people just because they don’t like Wes Anderson or hiking. 
  2. Don’t settle, shoot for the stars People talk about lowering the bar after the love well seems to have dried up. But when you feel like you’ve hit a rut in your love life, don’t think it’s time to settle; think about those people you’ve been to scared to ask out and put yourself out there! You don’t have them anyway so you certainly can’t lose them.

No matter how odd you might be, your odds are good. You are in control your destiny! Start discovering people who get you on Sweet Pea.

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