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  1. Fill out as much of your profile as possible. The more people are able to understand you, and the more you’re able to learn about others, the better your chances of making a real connection.
  2. Be positive in your profile! No one wants to read a long list of ‘hates’. Mention what you DO like and look for in a partner.
  3. Upload as many photos and video stories as you can – and be in them! We know you love your dog or took an awesome trip to Europe, but others want to see you in your photos. Try a mix of head shots and full body shots (clothed, please!)
  4. Be authentic. Avoid photo filters.
  5. Choose photos taken in the last few months. If you’ve changed anything recently (e.g. you now have a blue Mohawk instead of blonde hair) it’s time for a photo update. Backgrounds are important – take photos in a place that says something about the activities you enjoy.
  6. Have a great photo but your bestie is in it? That’s fine, just don’t use it for your profile shot. Your cover photo should be you alone sopeople aren’t left wondering which one you are.
  7. Be honest. Healthy relationships don’t start with lies. It could get you that first date but if you put 5’9 in your profile and you’re 5’1, people are going to figure it out. Fibbing puts your character in question right off the bat so why bother?
  8. Get the conversation started on a high note. Spend some time thinking up a great icebreaker question. It can be related to something you care about, something funny – anything that you would like to talk about. It’s amazing what a good conversation can lead to.
  9. Be selective! More connections doesn’t mean better connections. Swiping right on everyone won’t help improve your chances at finding quality connections.
  10. Be empathetic, kind, and respectful to the people you meet online. It goes a long way.

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