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Sweet Pea Is Boba Tea

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When asked to compare ourselves to a beverage, the answer is immediate:  we’re boba tea!

There are so many dating apps out there who are alcohol. They are one-stop shops, get-in and get-out. The swipes happen so quickly, it’s rare that anyone takes time to look at a person for more than their physical features.

Don’t get us wrong, physical attraction is crazy important. Sparks should be flying when you’re with your special someone, but that can’t be your foundation if you want things to go beyond a hook-up.

There are also dating apps that play it safe. They are coffee. Coffee in the afternoon is just about as safe as you can play it. It’s where religious co-workers of the opposite sex go meet because it leaves zero room for anything intimate to happen. It’s saying, “Here I am in the broad daylight, for all to see, just chatting.” We’re all for coffee, but maybe throw a little cream and sugar into that coffee! Coffee AND something.

Then there is us. We consider ourselves “boba tea” because we’re doing something unique. Our focus? Compatibility. We ask more compatibility questions than any dating app, and we not only care about romantic relationships, but friendships too. Each step of the profile creation process has been designed to reflect the truest you, pairing you with others who may share similar interests, world views, and morals.

If you’re up for something different, something refreshing, something FUN, Sweet Pea could be the app for you. Like we’d say to anyone who’s skeptical to drink tiny little black tapioca balls, “just try it!” You might just find your new summer treat. Download it here.

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